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Irvine fire sprinkler inspections Apex Fire Systems, Inc. is a full service backflow device specialist, providing comprehensive design, construction, repair, modifications and project management. We perform all functions regarding backflow devices and offer the highest professional quality services and products.

The backflow preventer, as its name indicates, prevents contaminants from back flowing into the water system and being distributed to you and your fellow business owners. The types of contaminants from an industrial or commercial property that could get into the irrigation piping would include such things as animal fecal matter, fertilizer, insecticides, mosquito larvae or anything else that gets deposited onto the grass surrounding a commercial or industrial structure. In addition to protecting the drinking water supply, backflow prevention devices are required by law in Southern California. Each city has its own requirement for installation and testing, and Apex Fire Systems, Inc. can help make sure you are in compliance.

We are able to professionally test, repair and certify to manufacture specifications all types of backflow assembly. We also provide the written certification report to the water purveyor to keep you within code compliance. The customer has the responsibility of preventing pollutants from entering the public water supply. The responsibility begins at the point of delivery from the public water supply system which usually is the water meter. The testing of these devices is necessary and required by federal, state and local laws to ensure that the device is working properly. Annual notices are sent based on when your sprinkler system was installed or last tested.

If you need help with backflow devices, give us a call. Apex Fire Systems, Inc.'s corporate office is in Irvine, CA. Our service areas include Irvine and all surrounding areas, including a wide range of Southern California from the San Fernando Valley down to San Diego’s southernmost surrounding areas, from coastal Ventura to inland San Bernardino.

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Our Irvine fire sprinkler inspections give local Orange County and Los Angeles area commercial businesses the peace of mind of knowing that their structures are protected. We inspect with complete knowledge and expertise. The experience of our specialists sets us apart from our competition. We service all of Irvine and the surrounding areas, specializing in fire sprinkler inspections, fire protection, sprinkler system design, tenant improvement services, system design, fire lines, backflow devices, design build, hydraulic calculations, high pile storage and much, much more!

Apex Fire Systems, Inc. is committed to providing our local customers with the finest quality fire sprinkler inspection service with professionalism and attention to detail. We take care of each client’s needs from start to finish and are available around the clock to answer any questions you may have or clarify anything about your inspection. We are there for you throughout the entire process.

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Professional Irvine Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Whether you're operating a business in Irvine, California or the surrounding areas, leave the fire sprinkler inspections to the professionals at Apex Fire Systems, Inc. We provide professional fire protection services for businesses throughout the local region.

Since our inception, we have been providing expert Irvine fire sprinkler inspections and fire protection services to our valued local customers. Our expert services include sprinkler systems, tenant improvements, system design, fire lines, backflow devices, design build, hydraulic calculations, high pile storage and much, much more.

Apex Fire Systems, Inc. works together with business owners to help protect their properties while providing the highest degree of professionalism and value. Our goal is to always complete your project to your satisfaction on time and on budget. No fire protection job is too big or too small.  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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